The Best Lexmark Printers 2023 Review & Buying Guide

Best Lexmark PrintersThere’s no way to deny Lexmark as a renowned solution to every printing, scanning, imagining, and coping. Since its strong roots for years, Lexmark produces more reliable and convenient devices throughout the long run.

Therefore, either it’s your business, office, or home chores; you can manage everything without worrying about common tags associated with traditional printers.

Don’t felt like hype!

Fortunately, you will find fewer weaknesses of Lexmark printers than others. The brand is becoming a leading printer contriver from manufacturing and supplying inkjet, color, laser, multifunctional printers.

Why I’m adding more spices when you probably know most of the facts, right? But, what’s coming next might not be common to you. Any guesses?

Well, if you are leading a business and wanted to hide documents or private them for the sake of business prosperity, various viruses or threats always play hide and seek to watch up to your prints and scans.

However, if you are running a small or moderate business, this might not be a major issue. But, few stats showed 60% of firms and organizations had experienced data breaching through prints.

Thus, you might don’t want to leak your data anyway and ensure its safety and security.

Consequently, Lexmark uses core technologies, firmware, and updated hardware to eradicate business owners’ stress relating to data-stealing and keep track of data transmitting from various sources. It also offers audit logs, access control, and OS-protected loads.

Top 3 Best Best Lexmark Printers 2023

  1. Lexmark Impact S301 Printer
  2. Lexmark Platinum Pro905 Printer
  3. Lexmark MC3224dwe printer


Moreover, using Lexmark’s various models, you will get a bundle of valuable features to support you print more copies within a limited budget.

Thus, you get 2 in 1 beneficial and affordable printer that gives efficient prints, photos, and scans.

Breaking the suspense!

You might be wondering to choose the best Lexmark printer in the market; thus, I have compiled in-depth printer reviews to help you find a better fit for your business or home needs.

So, let’s start scrolling to view all the products and a precise and valuable buying guide to help you pick the one.

Comparision Table

Lexmark Impact S301 Printer
(Editor’s Choice)
Connect with Wi-Fi and USB.
Lexmark Platinum Pro905 PrinterLCD Touchscreen with SmartSolutions Technology.
Lexmark MC3224dwe PrinterCapable of printing up to 24 pages per minute.
Lexmark B3340dw PrinterTwo-sided printing, Steel Frame provides long life.
Lexmark B2236dw PrinterPrints up to 36 pages per minute.
Lexmark C3326dw PrinterIncludes Lexmark’s full-spectrum security architecture.
Lexmark B3442dw PrinterConnect via Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB.
Lexmark MB2236adwe PrinterStandard Wi-Fi makes it easy to print from mobile devices.


1. Lexmark Impact S301 Wireless All-In-One Printer

  • Brand – Lexmark
  • Printing Technology – Inkjet
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, USB
  • Weight – 14.35 pounds
  • Dimensions – 21 x 20 x 10.5 inches
  • Price – under $500

Lexmark Impact S301 Wireless All-In-One PrinterFirst off, we have one of the best Lexmark printers – the Lexmark impact s301 wireless all-in-one printer.

Although the S301 entered the printing industry almost a decade back in 2010, it packed a punch with its futuristic features that are popular even today. With its scanning, copying, and photo printing capabilities, the s301 is your go-to for all your needs.

At first glance, you see a simple black device with a compact footprint that can fit in any nook you feel right. It has a textured printer top, a single-line display, and a flat-bed scanner.

You can use the scanner bed for your scanning and copying needs which can also be done through a memory card.

With the convenience of a USB cable and Wi-Fi printing, the device offers two connectivity options that you can avail of as per your needs. One feature I loved on the s301 was its multiple-device connectivity.

It has an 802.11 BGN technology that enables users to link the printers with several devices simultaneously, including the Windows, Mac, and even Linux platforms.

This means you can share the printer with your family without waiting until your partner, kid, or sibling are done with their printing. Isn’t that amazing?

As I mentioned earlier, the printer’s front has an embedded display that’s easy to read and has a simple navigation menu just below it. It comes with a CD for setup instructions and a USB port, and the memory card slot is visible at the front.

The speed quality is amazing, and you get 33 monochrome sheets and 30 colored sheets per minute each. Also, you can print a 4×6 photo in under 25 seconds!

Each Lexmark printer includes four individual cartridges, so you know what color you need to replace. Besides, the printer informs you as soon as it detects low ink so you can timely manage your toner or replace the cartridge.

So you get a fast-speed printer backed up with a three-year warranty and lifetime support.

All in all, if you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use all-in-one printer for your small workspace and can manage without a laser print quality, I recommend you check out the Lexmark impact s301.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to replace cartridges
  • All in one printer
  • Wireless printing
  • Simple interface
  • Pricey
  • Heavy



2. Lexmark Platinum Pro905 Business Class Printer

  • Brand – Lexmark
  • Printing Technology – Inkjet
  • Connectivity – Wireless-N
  • Weight –  25.7 pounds
  • Dimensions – 15.42 x 18.31 x 12.1 inches
  • Price – under $400

Lexmark Platinum Pro905 Business Class PrinterNext, we have the Platinum pro905 business class from the Lexmark series. Back in the days when Lexmark launched the pro905, it was perhaps one of its kind.

With a whopping 25 pounds and a massive girth and size, the printer is one of the clan’s heaviest. So it is better suited to a dedicated space like your office where you do not need to move it time and again.

Now let’s talk about the features. First up, you notice the intuitive LCD colored touchscreen. The menu on the screen looks simple yet self-explanatory. Thanks to its all-in-one attribute, you can print, scan, as well as copy your documents and forms.

Also, it offers to scan directly to a USB device, or you can email it to yourself. This means increased productivity and saves you the time and hassle of doing double tasks.

The Lexmark pro905 is Wi-Fi enabled, which works in conjunction with downloadable smart applications and helps you print from any device with just one touch.

Besides, you can sync your google calendar with the device to ensure the entire office is on the same schedule.

What’s more, you can check news headlines, weather forecasts, stock quotes, and even view pictures on photo-sharing sites. Who knew a printer could hold the world of information at your fingertips!

The platinum pro905 comes with two separate paper trays to cater to multiple media types. Both the trays can hold up to a 150 paper sheet.

While the automatic document feeder can manage up to 50 pages for bulk scanning, copying, and faxing tasks (if you still use fax).

Having said that, I would have liked it better to see a somewhat larger paper tray, as it can only manage a 4×6 photo size. so Best Printer For Scrapbooking will be worth read.

Nevertheless, the scan-bed provides good quality scans with an optical resolution of 1200 x 4800 DPI and documents that are about 8.5 x 14 inches.

So the Lexmark Platinum pro905 will live up to your expectation if you need an all-in-one printer that performs well and is value for your money.

  • Fast print speed
  • duplex printing
  • Automated document feeder
  • All in one printer
  • Scan and mail
  • Touch screen
  • Smaller paper tray



3. Lexmark MC3224dwe Multifunction Laser Printer

  • Brand – Lexmark
  • Printing Technology – Laser
  • Connectivity – Wireless
  • Weight –  40.2 pounds
  • Dimensions – 15.5 x 16.2 x 12.1 inches
  • Price – under $300

Lexmark MC3224dwe Multifunction Laser PrinterThe Lexmark MC3224dwe is the first laser printer on our list of best Lexmark printers. It is also one of the latest printers in the Lexmark family.

The 2019-launched laser device seems to have faced severe competition with its comparable yet low-cost inkjet rivals.

The MC3224dwe is small but weighs a ton with a 40-pound strong body. However, it is still smaller than many of its counterparts and can fit on standard desk space.

The printer is loaded with several features such as mobile printing, multiple connectivity options like Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB, duplex printing, and fast laser printing.

One of the prominent features of the Mc3224dwe is the fast scan, copy, and ADF capabilities. The tray input capacity is for 250 sheets of any media type. The printing speed churns out single printed copies at 24 ppm and 13 double-sided ppm.

The Lexmark MC3224dwe stands out for its high-quality results. It prints bright-colored pages and clear monochrome texts of the smallest size. So, it is ideal for printing colorless formal documents, vivid charts, graphs, and PowerPoint handouts.

Moreover, if you believe in the ‘go green’ revolution, you’ll be happy to know that the Lexmark MC3224dwe is environment-friendly. With an EPEAT Silver rating, it has the option of a recyclable cartridge and is also energy star certified. so, is good for real estate agents as well.

On the downside, I should mention the Lexmark laser printer has one of the highest printing costs. It will cost you around 4.3 cents per monochrome output and 19.3 cents on each colored print, which can be a little discouraging for individuals looking for an all-color Lexmark laser printer.

Also, I found it pretty odd that it has a manual duplexing ADF. The document feeder can hold a 50 sheet paper, but it lacks automated duplexing and needs manual intervention.

To conclude, the Lexmark laser MC3224dwe is a top-hole in the Lexmark series. Apart from the high toner costs and ADF issues, this is a great printer.

If you’re someone who uses a printer infrequently and has no manual duplexing issues – MC32244dwe can be the right choice.

  • Compact
  • More connectivity options
  • Easy to use
  • Premium build
  • Mobile printing
  • No scanner and fax
  • High toner costs



4. Lexmark B3340dw Monochrome Laser Printer

  • Brand – Lexmark
  • Printing Technology – Laser
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB.
  • Weight –  22.6 pounds
  • Dimensions – 14.3x 8.7 x 14.5 inches
  • Price – under $180

Lexmark B3340dw Monochrome Laser PrinterThe Lexmark B3340dw is a fine laser printer. However, all it does is print and lacks other features such as scanning, copying, and fax. This printer is well suited for small businesses and workgroups that need the same outputs day in and out.

Due to having a single function, the printer has a simple design. You can find the monochrome LCD fixed at the chassis’s top right, consisting of a modest set of navigation keys to configure it the way you want.

The good news is the B3340dw is a little lighter than its siblings in the lineup. Also, I found the setup to be a little tricky but nothing impossible.

With the mobile printing feature, you can scan your documents into PDF format or print documents at your fingertips.

Thanks to three-way data connectivity, you can connect the device with Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi. Like most Lexmark printers, the B3340dw supports Airprint, Windows 7, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

You also get dual paper trays, a 250-sheet drawer, and another 100-paper tray for envelopes, card stocks, labels other media types. Besides, it allows you to expand the sheet capacity by adding a drawer that can hold up to an extra 550 pages.

What’s more, the integrated laser technology churns out a single print in less than 6.5 seconds. Whether you need speedy black and white prints for your documents or want to print graphics or photos, it is all possible with the B3340dw.

Unlike the inkjets, the B3340dw also lacks a scan and fax option, which can be irritating if you need it for your office use.

The Lexmark B3340dw is a decent laser printer for small offices. It churns out good quality outputs in less time but has lesser value for money with high running costs.

As a result, this type of printer is best for infrequent home use or for smaller workgroups that need to print just a few hundred pages a month.

  • Fast prints
  • Increased connectivity alternatives
  • Durable
  • Interactive
  • Single-function



5. Lexmark B2236dw Monochrome Laser Printer

  • Brand – Lexmark
  • Printing Technology – Laser
  • Connectivity – Wireless
  • Weight –  15.6 pounds
  • Dimensions – 17.4 x 12.3 x 16.5 inches
  • Price – under $170

Lexmark B2236dw Monochrome Laser PrinterThe Lexmark B2236dw is an entry-level printer for startups and small-sized businesses. With a compact size and weight of 15 pounds, it is portable and can be shuffled around your office or workspace.

The printer allows you to find your way through the control panel, which looks like a restricted display residing just above the navigation keys.

The monochrome LCD allows you to set up the device and configure settings. Additionally, you can also configure your printer through the integrated webserver.

The B2236dw also supports connectivity with Ethernet, USB 2.0, and Wi-Fi. Also, the mobile printing feature enables you to connect to several mobile printing apps for your ease.

Such as the Mopria, Airprint and Lexmark print app. You can use any of these applications to link with the internet or LAN.

As far as paper handling is concerned, the Lexmark B2236dw can hold a fair volume. Having a 250-sheet primary tray and an extra single-sheet tray for printing one-off media pages like envelopes and labels.

The printer whips up a decent monochrome print at 36 pages per minute and dual pages and 18 pages per minute. Whether you have to print a document with decorative text or grayscale photos, the output produced by the Lexmark B2236dw is impressive enough.

Although it’s unlikely that you would use this printer to print black and white family photos, the image quality is perfect for businesses with colorless tables and charts.

For the moment of truth, I did not seem to find any complaints with the Lexmark B2236. It is affordable and budget-friendly. And with double the paper capacity as its counterparts, this compact machine prints good quality prints at speed.

I don’t see why I shouldn’t recommend this to people who work from home, small-scale businesses, and even beginners with a less workload and need a compact printer for their working needs.

  • Compact
  • Compatible with various connections
  • Easy to use
  • Simple setup
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive



6. Lexmark C3326dw Color Laser Printer

  • Brand – Lexmark
  • Printing Technology – Laser
  • Connectivity – Gigabit, Wi-Fi, USB
  • Weight –  35.5 pounds
  • Dimensions – 15.5 x 16.2 x 9.6 inches
  • Price – under $300

Lexmark C3326dw Color Laser PrinterYet another bulky member of the Lexmark tribe, the C3326dw, is an entry-level laser printer. The compact size and girth are good enough to fit most desktops but ensure the surface is sturdy and can bear the 35-pound load.

This color printer comes with a primary tray capacity for as much as 250 pages at a time and a solo-sheet feeder. In a similar fashion to the Lexmark Pro905, the C3326dw prints at a fast speed.

However, unfortunately, when you compare the per-page cost, the latter seems to cost a bit more.

Like other Lexmark printers, you will find a similar control panel on the C3326dw, prominent on the front left-hand side. Though navigating through the small-screen LCD can feel like a mundane task, it offers numerous options.

With the little menu, you can configure, set security, and track usage, to name a few. Contrarily you can configure through the in-built web server you can access through any device, including your smartphone.

Besides, you can print a maximum of 2500 pages each month with the 50,000 print duty cycle, which is higher than similar rival printers.

However, one of the disadvantages of owning one of the Lexmark C3326dw is the lack of NFC, cloud print, and Wi-Fi. On the brighter side, it does enable connectivity with major operating systems.

Thanks to its laser capabilities, the printer churns out single-sided pages at 26 pages per minute and takes half the time to print on dual pages.

Also, it brings double-sided outputs with default printing which you can always configure to a single page printing.

The printing results are commendable. The attention to detail in decorative and hard to read texts was visible in monochromatic prints. Plus, the color-printed charts and logos had intricate color details without any hue fading.

As with some other laser printers, the price per page seems to be sky-high. However, when you print only a few hundred pages each month, it doesn’t make much of a difference to other printers.

Lexmark C3326dw is fast, reliable, and efficient and thus making it a top pick for best Lexmark Printers.

  • Robust build
  • Good quality printing
  • Easy installation
  • Efficient
  • Fast prints
  • Fewer cartridge replacements
  • Lacks USB support



7. Lexmark B3442dw Monochrome Laser Printer

  • Brand – Lexmark
  • Printing Technology – Laser
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB
  • Weight –  22.8 pounds
  • Dimensions – 8.7 x 14.3 x 14.5 inches
  • Price – under $250

Lexmark B3442dw Monochrome Laser PrinterThe Lexmark B3442dw is yet another entry-level printer that Lexmark created for small to medium-size offices. The printer saves a lot of desk space, thanks to its compact footprint.

The strongly built body ensures the printer sits in one place and works without making any rattling noises. When you take a closer look, you will see a built-in automatic document feeder at the top of the frame.

Next, you notice the two-line APA display that looks almost identical to all other Lexmark printers. This part is also the printer’s brain and helps you take full control with the buttons embedded just below the panel.

The B3442dw has a single function – it is focused on providing you high printing performance. This feature will be useful if you are more inclined towards quality prints instead of multi-tasking with the all-in-one option.

Although the printer was designed specifically to serve smaller businesses that need low print volume, the printer has ample sheet capacity.

With the B3442dw, you get a 250-sheet primary tray, while the document feeder can hold 100 sheets. The trays support mixed media like labels, paper sheets, and envelopes.

Besides, Lexmark gives you the option of an extendable input capacity if you feel the 350-sheet capacity is not enough. I feel this is a great option and saves you the time and hassle of reloading the tray pages repeatedly.

The printer has an impressive print speed and prints simplex at 42 ppm and duplex 18 ppm, improving your productivity.

Additionally, the B3442dw can handle a volume of 8000 pages per month with its 80,000-page monthly duty cycle. The print volume is quite high and is a good option for small-scale offices that don’t need back-to-back printing.

All said and done, the printer has high running costs but can churn out excellent quality monochrome prints and high volume print.

I have to say the Lexmark B3442dw is a good choice for small to medium businesses looking for a dedicated printer with a flexible print volume. However, if you are concerned about cost and need connectivity features, this Lexmark printer may not be for you.

  • Fast speed
  • Great quality output
  • Print accuracy
  • Expandable capacity
  • Compact
  • Duplex printing
  • High running costs



8. Lexmark MB2236adwe Monochrome Laser Printer

  • Brand – Lexmark
  • Printing Technology – Laser
  • Connectivity – Wireless, USB, Ethernet
  • Weight –  22 pounds
  • Dimensions – 14.2 x 16.4 x 13.9 inches
  • Price – under $200

Lexmark MB2236adwe Monochrome Laser PrinterFinally, we have Lexmark MB2236adwe. Although the printer is a compact entry-level printer, it has premium features even to suit large offices.

With a smaller footprint, the MB2236adwe is also lightweight, which means you can easily maneuver it around in case you need to.

This Lexmark device looks huge, thanks to overhung scan-bed and a protruding two-line control panel.

However, you will notice that the display screen misses a touchscreen interface, but you can see a navigation keyboard beneath it. This will ease down the laborious Wi-Fi password entering task.

A jammed USB port is visible below the control panel, which means you cannot scan or print from and to a thumb drive. This is a downgrade compared to other Lexmark models, as I found the front USB port quite a handy and time-saving feature.

The automated document feeder can swallow 50 sheets, while the tray can hold as many as 250 A4-sized sheets. The output bin can handle the volume of 150 printed pages at a time.

However, you can locate a USB and an Ethernet port on the posterior side of the machine. In contrast to all other Lexmark series printers on our list, the MB2236adwe is a four-in-one printer.

If you own one of these, you can enjoy using scanning, faxing, copying, and printing all in a single device.

The MB2236adwe supports both dual scanning and printing and allows you to customize image sizes for your photocopies.

On the downside, the printer lacks a Wi-Fi direct, which means you cannot take charge of the system with your smartphone. However, you can still use the Wi-Fi and complete your tasks through the Lexmark companion app.

The printer provides you a faster output with the first page out in less than 8 seconds when it comes to performance. The single-page printing volume is at 34 ppm and 17 ppm for duplex printing which is quite sloppy.

So, if you need a four-in-one functionality printer that stands close enough to a premium machine without spending a lot of money for your smaller work needs, the Lexmark MB2236adw fits the bill.

Besides, this is doubtlessly the best Lexmark printer for small-scale businesses considering the price and the plethora of options available.

  • Print quality
  • Four-in-one
  • Compact
  • Sleep-mode
  • Easy to set up
  • It lacks a front USB port



Buying considerations to pick the best Lexmark printer for business and home

When it comes to a printer, there are several fundamental specifications that you should always remember before purchasing a Lexmark printer.

You might have known too few factors I will mention later but knowing their importance to determine the right printer is essential.

Therefore, starting with the ink consistency that determines print quality should never be taken for granted. However, for your ease, the Lexmark printer already uses premium toner for amazingly well prints and quick printing.

Plus, for canvas printing, the inkjet printer uses pigmented ink, especially for canvas printing.

Now, coming to printer’s size, you probably don’t want a large machine placed in your home or office that occupies more space than working efficiently. Most Lexmark printers are standard-sized, so you won’t have to be bothered.

Moreover, it would be best to opt for a printer according to the paper’s size you are more likely to use.

For instance, if you don’t use A0 size, which is relatively heavier than A1 size, there’s no need to go for a printer with the capacity to produce both, and the latter one increases the overall width.

Another factor that you should always look at in the printer is its compatibility with various media. For instance, the printer should be adaptable to print different paper types such as plain, photo, glossy, cardstock, and envelope.

The resolution or image quality determined in DPI (meaning dots per inch) also specifies the particular printer. Certainly, the high-resolution capacity of the printer yields better and enhanced images.

Usually, the DPI is determined in vertical and level plane bases. Thus, a printer with 1440 DPI produces 1440 flecks on both bases per inch.

Lastly, the duty cycle regulates the capacity of the printer to print pages without any trouble. Therefore, if your business is extending or already at perks, and you require to print more pages on a daily basis, then a duty cycle will help you pick a better fit.

For instance, the duty cycle of the printer includes 8000-page prints that will be efficiently durable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lexmark laser printers worthwhile?

Lexmark laser printer gives high-quality prints faster compared to other brands. Plus, Lexmark also produces affordable laser printers such as Lexmark B3340dw Monochrome, and Lexmark B2236dw Monochrome Compact Laser Printer that are reliable and capable of produces better prints.

Why I face an interrupted connection between my Lexmark printer and the computer?

Most commonly, the USB cable is the main reason for poor connection. If your cable is faulty or runs long, then the data transferring will be affected in both cases, and the Lexmark printer won’t be able to produce exact information.

Therefore, replace a faulty one, unplug all the unnecessary USB cables, and then connect a single cord directly to the computer.

Quite overwhelmed, right? Ending the helpful guide on the best Lexmark printer, I can understand you might have stuck somewhere between these Lexmark printers that ensure high versatility, security, economic usefulness, and multifunctional aid in printing documents, pictures, faxes, and scans.

Therefore, to end up the whole discussion and leave you with something more beneficial, I ranked the three best Lexmark printers according to most in-demand features such as budget-friendly, suitable for small business, and pro printer to handle chores with advanced technologies.

Best Value

Lexmark B3340dw Monochrome Laser Printer with Full-Spectrum Security and Print Speed up to 40 ppm (29S0250), Gray/White, Small.

Best Choice for small business

Lexmark MB2236adwe Multifunction Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer with A 2.8 Inch Color Touch Screen, Standard Two-Sided Printing, Fax Capability (18M0700)

Premium Pick

Lexmark Impact S301 Wireless All-In-One Printer

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