Best Printer For Notary Signing Agents

Best Printer For Notary Signing AgentsA subtle guide about which printer should be your priority for notary signing agents. The basic function of a printer is to print documents and papers.  You might think that if every printer has the same function, then you can buy any printer that you find.

This conception of yours is pretty wrong.  Different printers are specifically made for different jobs and works. As you are a notary signing agent, you have to deal with a lot of documents. And for your work, not every printer is suitable.

For example, you buy a simple printer that can print only 20-30 pages, while in your work, you need 100-150 pages that make a set of loan documents. You need a printer that can withstand a high workload and print high-quality professional documents for your job.

A loan document usually has 120-150 pages. And every page has to be clear and without any errors. A normal printer cannot print 150 pages in one round. Now printing such a high number of pages can surely take a lot of your time.

Not only do you want a printer that can withstand a high workload, but you want a printer that can print as fast as possible.

Top 3 Printer For Notary Signing Agents

  1. Brother HL-L2300D Laser Printer
  2. HP Neverstop 1202w Printer
  3. Canon Image CLASS LBP6230dw Printer

You surely don’t want to wait forever to print your documents, right? Dealing with a lot of paperwork every day is hectic.

Furthermore, the documents you deal with contain high importance as they are granting huge funds to clients. A single error in your print can cause you a lot of trouble in your job. You need a very reliable partner that can print crisp and clean quality documents.

In our list of Best Printer For Notary Signing Agents, we have compiled for you the very best of the printers that are highly recommended for your work.

We will take you through every necessary detail that you should know before buying a printer compatible with your job.

Highly rated picks – Top 8

Brother HL-L2300D Printer
(Editor’s Choice)
Prints up To 27 ppm. Automatic 2 sided print.
Brother HLL2390DW PrinterPrint more, wait less, User friendly.
HP Neverstop 1202w PrinterLowest cost per page.
HP LaserJet Pro M404dn PrinterEmbedded security features
Canon Image CLASS PrinterPrint up to 26 pages per minute.
HP LaserJet Pro M29w PrinterReliability wireless connectivity.
Brother DCPL2550DW PrinterPrint speeds of up to 36 pages per minute.
WorkForce WF-7710 PrinterAutomatic 2-sided print.


1. Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser PrinterOur first pick is the Brother HL-L2300D which is a very powerful laser printer. As a Notary signing agent that has to deal with a lot of printing, The Brother HL is the best partner that you can get.

It prints professional white and black documents that are the basic need for any highly classified document.

The quality of your documents matters a lot. As you are printing documents with a lot of value, a slight mistake or error can be very dangerous. With this printer, you can print the clearest and high-quality documents up to 2400 x 600 dpi.

No matter how many pages you have to print, The Brother HL won’t let you down. With a 250 paper sheet input tray, you can print in bulk. Not only that, but you can print up to 2500 pages in a single month, which is suitable for your work.

A legal-size loan document has a range of 100-150 papers, and with a 250 input tray, you can almost print two loan documents in a single round.

Now you might think that if you print such a huge amount of papers, it might cost you a lot of time. Well, that’s not the case when you have for yourself such a class printer.

With its fast laser printing technology, you can print up to 26 pages per minute. That means you can print a whole loan document in just 5 minutes.

In our list of Best printers for notary signing agents, this printer surely stands out the most. Its fast and reliable handling is something that you would like. Connect the printer to your computer easily through the USB interface and print all you want. It can also connect with Linux.

You can save a lot of paper cost with its dual side printing that lets you print on both sides of a paper. The Brother HL is surely one of the best printers for notary signing agents.

  • 250 paper sheet tray.
  • High print speed.
  • Print in high 2400 x 600 resolution.
  • Does not support WiFi connectivity.



2. Brother HLL2390DW Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother HLL2390DW Compact Monochrome Laser PrinterAre you looking for a convenient printer to solve your hectic workload? Then you are looking at one of the most reliable and efficient printers designed specifically to ease your work.

As a notary signing agent, the daily paperwork can sometimes be very frustrating for you. Printing 100 pages then making sure each page has the right content is surely a very troublesome task.

But to solve all your problems, I present you with the Brother Compact Monochrome printer.

The printer has the fastest print speed and can print up to 32 pages per minute which is unmatched. Print every document in a blink of an eye. With its manual document feeder, you can print various other papers suited for your work and also suitable for realtors.

Not only is it fast, but it also makes your work smooth. Through WiFi connectivity, you can operate the printer directly through your phone, no matter where you are.

While printing your important stuff, you don’t need to worry about the paper running out. As it contains a 250 paper sheet tray, you can print a very high amount of pages in one round. Time is not the only thing this printer saves.

Through its dual page printing and toner save mode, you can save printing costs. The toner save mode allows you to print low-class documents on low toner; that way, your printer lasts long without the need to replace the toner.

With its High yield toner, you can print high-quality documents three times more than a normal printer. Print more than 3,000 high-quality pages, which are more than enough for your work.

The features that this printer has makes it a highly recommended product in our list of best printer for notary signing agents.

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Time-efficient printing
  • Flatbed scanning
  • It cannot be used for Fax.



3. HP Neverstop 1202w All-in-One Laser Printer

HP Neverstop 1202w All-in-One Laser PrinterAs your work consists of a lot of daily paperwork. I am sure that you are looking for a printer that can work within your budget.

You don’t want yourself spending a lot of money on inks and papers, right? The next product in our list of Best printer for notary signing agents can save you a lot of fortune.

The Hp never stops the lowest cost of printing per page. It costs less than a cent per paper which is pretty cheap. You can print a large number of pages without worrying about paper/ink replacement costs.

Print your classified loan documents in a quick time as the Hp never stops can print up to 21 pages in a single minute. The amount of advantages it has over other class printers is a huge feature, and also useful for scrapbooking.

The Hp never stops can print up to 7x more pages than a normal printer. Now you can print every day non-stop without worrying about the toner running out. Print up to 5000 pages before you run out of toner, which is also replaceable.

What makes your work easier is its wireless connectivity. Through the Hp smart app, connect your mobile phone and print directly from it, making it fast and easy to manage.

Furthermore, with its built-in LCD screen, you can operate the printer with ease. Often, when you replace a printer’s toner, it makes a bit of a mess.

The Hp provides a mess-free refill experience making it a lot easier to replace the toner and carry on with your printing. Something that this printer assures you with is its quality. Print your all-important documents and agreements in crystal clear quality.

Don’t worry about any misprints, as its flatbed scanning features make sure that there are no errors in your valued prints.

  • Low cost of printing per page
  • Wireless printing
  • Mess-free toner refill
  • No automatic duplex printing
  • Graphics quality might degrade.



4. HP LaserJet Pro M404dn Monochrome Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M404dn Monochrome Laser PrinterDo you want to take the next big step in your job? Make your work highly smooth and efficient with the Hp laserjet pro. The printer only brings goods with it.

It will ensure that your work grows further. The amount of options this printer provides is just amazing. Print all the piles of documents in a few minutes.

The printer has a speed of 40 pages per minute which means you can almost print a loan document in 3 minutes. Furthermore, the printer ensures that you are getting high-quality prints without any errors being made.

Its compact body design saves you a lot of space in your office. Moreover, one of the most efficient features that this best printer for notary signing agents provides is its energy saving. As compared to other printers, the Hp laserjet pro saves up to 18 percent of energy.

You can also conserve your papers by dual paper printings that are a must needed option. No need to worry about stocking papers as the printer comes with a 250 sheet input tray so you can relax while your printer does your work. It can be used for printing checks.

One thing that I like about this product is the ease it provides in function. It is an easy setup printer, just plug it in right away and print within a few minutes. You can also help yourself by using its two-lined LCD through which you can operate it manually.

The printer is a powerful all-in-one machine. You can take your notary signing work to the next level and satisfy your clients and your company with your performance records.

With its monochrome technology and reliable toner cartridges, there won’t be any misprints and errors in your work. You can trust your partner blindly while you detail with your clients.

  • It saves a lot of energy.
  • LCD
  • Compact body design
  • Replacing toner is a bit costly.
  • No ethernet service



5. Canon Image CLASS LBP6230dw Wireless Laser Printer

Canon Image CLASS LBP6230dw Wireless Laser PrinterAre you someone who works from home or has a small personal office? Making space for machinery can be hectic.

As you have a ton of paperwork in your job, a good printer is what you need. But if you think that a good printer means a large size then you are wrong.

The Canon image class is a compact printer that is ideal for small offices. It produces high-quality printouts that are needed for your loan agreements. The professional black and white prints have crystal clear quality and are up to the mark.

The Canon Image won’t let your work slow down. With its 26 pages per minute speed, you can print all your professional documents in a blink of an eye. With its laser technology, there is no need to worry about misprints.

Furthermore, with its wireless connectivity feature, you can print from almost anywhere through your mobile phone. Download the canon app and connect your mobile phone with the printer, then you can print through a single touch.

One basic feature that every product has in our list of best printers for notary signing agents is the sheet input tray capacity. The canon image class has a capacity of 250 sheets which is exactly what you need.

Don’t worry about power consumption as this printer consumes less than 2 watts in energy and is highly energy efficient. A unique feature that the Canon printer comes with is its genuine toner. Check also, Best printer for Sublimation.

The toner and drum combine to act as a single unit, so you won’t have trouble replacing the toner once it’s finished. Furthermore, the toner makes sure that the prints are precise and just as you want them to be.

The Canon Image class comes with a year of warranty, so you can always replace the printer with a new one without any trouble.

  • Smooth wireless connection through mobile
  • 250 sheet input tray
  • Compact design saves a lot of space
  • Crashes in the middle of the print.
  • Paper jamming errors.



6. HP LaserJet Pro M29w Wireless All-in-One Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M29w Wireless All-in-One Laser PrinterThe Hp LaserJet Pro is known as one of the smallest laser printers ever produced by HP. It has 30 percent less size than other hp printers.

The printer is ideal for any Notary signing agent who moves a lot and does not have a proper office to work from. The size is the only thing that is small about this printer.

It is smart and extremely efficient, producing smooth results. Not only is it saving you a lot of space, but it also saves your time. With its 19 pages per minute speed, you can speed up your work and print in a few minutes.

The biggest error that a printer comes with these days is its connectivity issue. Printers have trouble connecting to WiFi and mobile devices, which hinders the work. The Hp LaserJet Pro has a very reliable connectivity feature.

Through the Hp smart app, you can print documents through your phone. Furthermore, through its built-in WiFi connection, you can print and share resources on the internet. Its small size does not limit any of its features.

The printer has a 150 sheet input tray, so you can print easily without worrying about the paper running out. In our list of best printers for notary signing agents, the Hp jet pro meets every requirement that a professional working printer has. See also Best Epson Printers.

You can print both sides of an identification card on a single piece of paper, making your loan documents much easier to process.

The printer has a very exciting smart feature. It automatically turns off when there is no work and saves its power. That way, you don’t have to worry about its power running out.

The printer comes with a preinstalled toner cartridge that produces top-quality professional prints.

Furthermore, with its flatbed technology, there is no way that this machine right here can misprint any of your valued paper.

  • The small and compact body design
  • Reliable wireless connectivity
  • Fast printing
  • It takes a bit of time while setting up.



7. Brother DCPL2550DW Compact Multifunction Laser Printer

Brother DCPL2550DW Compact Multifunction Laser PrinterPrint all of your professional documents much faster and cheaper with the Brother Monochrome. This printer is specially designed to make your work faster and smoother. It has a huge 250 sheet paper capacity which makes your work pretty efficient.

As a notary signing agent, you are dealing with documents that exceed a hundred pages. Your work can be slowed down if you manually insert papers after every few rounds.

To make your work easy, the brother monochrome exceeds all limits and provides a 250 sheet input tray.

As I mentioned above, this printer is designed to make your work faster. With its 36 pages per minute print speed, you can print every document in less than 15 minutes.

The printer gives you more options to improve your work. With its manual document feeder, you can print on different types of paper materials such as cardstock and envelopes. These types of elements make your document look a lot more professional. See also Best Dual Tray Printers.

Apart from manual feeding, the printer also provides 50 pages automatic feeding option, which helps save a lot of time and hard work.

All of the features mentioned above might indicate that this machine is meant to give you ease in performing your tasks.

Print wirelessly through your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop by easily connecting your device to the printer. Apart from wireless printing, the multi-page scan feature makes your work very productive.

The Brother Monochrome has more than what it takes to be on our list of best printers for notary signing agents. With its dual side printing and toner save mode, you save more than what you are investing in.

Moreover, the toner yield is unmatched as it provides 2 times more than the actual print limit and exceeds more than 3000 pages.

  • Manual feeding slots
  • 50 sheet automatic ADF
  • Smart wireless connection
  • It uses a chip toner cartridge.
  • No power off button



8. WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-format Color Inkjet Printer

WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-format Color Inkjet PrinterAs its name states, the workforce is an all-in-one printer ready for any task you want it to do. Powered by the precision core is a quick printer that can print your professional documents as you want them.

The printer can print on up to 13 x 19 inches of paper with a borderless printing option that can provide an edge to your loan documents.

The workforce lives up to its name. No matter how huge the document is, the workforce will easily print your professional documents without further assistance. The printer has a built-in 250 sheet capacity input tray that can last all day long.

Many of the features that we took you through in this product are similar to others, right? So why did I bother picking the workforce in my list of best printers for notary signing agents?

Well, the reason is simple. The workforce is such an economical printer that it would save you a lot of fortune.

The printer consumes less than 80 percent of the power that a laser printer uses. Furthermore, its dual side printing saves you a lot of paper cost. Moreover, it is user-friendly. Check also Best Printer for Cricut.

It gives easy access to printing by providing a unique 4.3-inch color touchscreen through which you can navigate easily. You can also print remotely through your mobile phone through its wireless connection feature.

Apart from wireless printing, wired printing is also an option. By simply attaching the power cord, you can print without the trouble of using your phone if your battery runs out.

The printer itself comes with 4x Durabrite ultra ink sets which produce precise and quality results.

  • It saves 80 percent of the power
  • Scan large size documents
  • 3 inches touch screen
  • Can leave horizontal lines on printouts


The Substantial components – Buying Guide


Your work involves a ton of documents. Every day you go through printing pages in bulk for your loan documents.

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when you go for a printer is its printing speed. You surely don’t want to wait all day for your documents to be printed, right?

Your work is not only limited to printing. You visit your client and grant them a loan. A slow-speed printer would only slow down your work.

It might cause you a lot of trouble. So when you go for a printer, make sure you buy one with enough printing speed that makes your job a lot easier.  A printer’s speed is measured in PPM, which stands for pages printed in a minute.

For your work, you need a  printer that has a high PPM. So you can print all your important bulky documents in a few minutes rather than waiting all day for them. This makes your work extremely efficient and saves you a lot of trouble.

Resolution and print quality

As a notary signing agent, you are dealing with professional documents that have a lot of value. Any slight misprint or error in the document can be troublesome for you. If the printer you buy has a low-resolution printing ability, then it is of no use for you.

You need a printer that prints on high dpi black and white color. Furthermore, the printer should be printing crystal clear print quality, which standouts as a professional document.

A standard resolution for professional document printing is 1200 x 1200 in black color. If your printer has this resolution or more than it, then you have yourself the perfect printer that will boost your work.

Paper Handling

Paper handling is one of the essential features of a printer that can make your work trouble-free. Instead of manually feeding papers turn by turn to print a large loan document, you can just sit back while the printer does the job for you.

Usually, good printers come with two input trays, or they have a large sheet capacity.

You should get a printer that has a minimum of 200 sheet capacity. That way, you can forget about manually feeding papers into the printer, and your printer can stack up sheets itself.

Not only would it save you a lot of time and work, but it would also be a benefit for printers rolling efficiency.

All in One Printer

Printers are not only limited to printing documents only. Sometimes you have tasks that involve other things than printing. A printer that can scan, copy and send a fax is a big win for you.

Sometimes you need to make copies of the document for the record. Or other times, you have to scan a document that is already registered. To do that, you need a printer that can perform all the functions that might be needed for your work at any time.

Before you purchase for such a specific purpose, research is mandatory. Not without complete knowledge of price and features can you ever make a wise choice.

This article has fed you with all the pointers necessary; use them to the best and buy an ideal printer for the job!

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