Best Printer For Scrapbooking [Review & Buying Guide]

Best Printer For ScrapbookingScrapBooking and printing are two terms that relate a lot to each other. Suppose you are someone who wants to include scrapbooking as a part of their lifestyle.

Then for scrapbooking, you need a tool that can produce photographs that are not only high quality but also long-lasting. The device that you need is a high-quality printer that can withstand cardstock printing.

Now, if you are new to scrapbooking, then let me take you through small details. A cardstock is different from regular paper. It is much thicker and more durable than standard printing paper.

It is usually used for posters, cards, and scrapbooking. You can use not every printer to print cardstocks as it is thicker than standard paper, so it usually wouldn’t pass through the printer.

So it would be best if you had a printer that can make your creativity express itself.

Now, what makes a printer suitable for your work? In Scrapbooking, you often deal with a lot of photographs and images that are valuable to you.

List of 3 best Printers for Scrapbooking

  1. Canon TS9521C Printer
  2. Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Printer
  3. HP Sprocket Portable Printer

Those are moments and memories you are preserving for your future self or maybe for the next generation. Your printer should be able to print photographs that are high quality and long-lasting.

And to make your work easier and efficient, you need to get a printer that is fast and up to the mark. High-quality printers provide a lot of options that make your work even better.

Like duplex printing through which you can print on both sides. Furthermore, printers that are easier to operate, so you won’t have any trouble, neither would you make errors in your work.

In our list, we will provide you with some high-quality printers that are the most suited for your work. Furthermore, we will also take you through every possible feature to help you make your scrapbook experience even better.


Comparison Table for Best Printer For Scrapbooking

Canon TS9521C Photo Printer
(Editor’s Choice)
Works with ALEXA.
Canon PIXMA PRO-100 PrinterOptimum Image Generating System.
HP Sprocket Photo PrinterBluetooth 5.0 and sleep mode.
HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 PrinterBuilt-in security essentials.
Lexmark C3426dw Printer2. 8-inch color touch screen
Brother Compact PrinterDuplex printing and single-pass duplex copying.
HP Neverstop PrinterPrint with or without a network.
HP Laserjet Pro PrinterFast print speeds.

1. Canon TS9521C All-In-One Crafting Photo Printer

Canon TS9521C All-In-One Crafting Photo PrinterAs the name says, “Canon” TS521C is an All-in-one printer specially designed for crafting and scrapbooking. This product meets every single requirement that is needed for creative design.

The most important essence of scrapbooking is to preserve memories. The Canon TS9 makes sure that the photographs you print are everlasting.

The printouts can last several years, which is a huge relief and a blessing. You can print all your favorite and magical memories, and then you can preserve them for years to come.

The features of this printer are not going to stop right here. You can print whatever and however, you want to through your mobile phones or laptop.

It is pretty easy to operate due to its wireless connectivity. Furthermore, you can use voice activation commands to print all your important photographs.

You don’t need to worry about the size of the photographs you print. The product supports 12×12 inch paper printing that is ideal for images to fit in an album.

As a scrapbook artist, do you want to make your work stand even better? Then you are buying the right product. You can be a lot more creative with your ideas by choosing its built-in printable patterns.

Not only that, but you can also print your favorite moments right on a CD, which can surely make your scrapbook a work of magic.

The Canon TS9 is a highly versatile and easy to handle printer. Through its 4.3 inches touch LCD screen, you can effortlessly operate and print whatever you need.

What makes this printer stand out in our Best Printer For Scrapbooking is the number of features it has.

The printer supports oversized paper printing so that you would have no trouble printing in your preferred size. What amazes me even more is its Auto Document feature, which is precisely made for multi-page documents.

  • WiFi connectivity
  • 3 Inch LED touchscreen
  • Built-in patterns
  • Connectivity errors.
  • Paper jam errors.



2. Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Professional Photo Printer

Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Professional Photo PrinterTake your Scrapbooking experience to the next level with the Canon PIXMA PRO-100. Yes, you heard it right.

No matter how creative you are in your work, An upgrade is always needed to get the results you need. This printer will only improve the output quality of your fascinating work.

The Canon PIXMA has an eight dye-based ink technology that gives your printouts a fresh, vivid color.

This printer’s color range makes sure that every photograph you print is of high quality and up to the mark.

The feature that gives this printer an edge over others is its Optimum Image generating system. The printer uses the optimum image system to generate the same quality of photographs you require by mixing the combination of colors.

For scrapbooking, the quality of the photograph is something that has the most value. You surely want your memories to be preserved beautifully.

The Canon PIXMA gives you what you demand. It has up to 4800 x 2400 dpi, which ensures that your prints are high quality with every inch of detail present in it.

Connect your mobile wirelessly and print whatever you think is necessary. On our list of Best Printer For Scrapbooking, the Canon Pixma is highly preferred for you.

Print all your quality photographs on 13 x 19 resolution, which is quite remarkable. One thing that I like about this printer is its cost reduction.

Usually, printers take a lot of cost per month on ink refills. But with the Canon PIXMA, you can save your costs of ink refills. Replace the ink that runs out only.

You don’t have to worry about replacing all eight sets of ink if one runs out. The printer includes two paper trays. One is for all the glossy and art papers you use for creativity.

At the same time, the other one is for thicker papers to print on.

  • Optimum Image generating system
  • Prints oversized stocks
  • Economical printer
  • It does not have a copy scan feature.
  • It takes twice the size of a regular printer



3. HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo PrinterNow, this product right here is something that will leave your eyes wide open. You might have heard about portable printers that you can carry almost anywhere in your car or backpack.

You can take this printer into your pocket. The HP Sprocket is an instant photo printer. You can capture breathtaking moments and print them right on the spot through your very own HP Sprocket.

Now its size is the only little thing. The Hp Sprocket offers a variety of features that can make your work experience better. You can print on size of 2×3 inches HP zink photo paper.

The printer itself can hold up to 10 documents at one time. The bliss of using the Hp Sprocket is that you can easily personalize your printouts and edit them using the HP Sprocket App.

Its wireless connectivity feature shouldn’t be left unmentioned. You can connect multiple devices simultaneously and use the printer while someone else is using it.

Not only that, but through its LED screen, you can check which mobile is currently being used to print something.

One thing that attracts a lot of artists is its ease of access and versatility. Connect the printer through your phone and print directly from social media.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about its battery running out. It has an active sleep mode that saves battery.

The printer automatically wakes up whenever there is a need to print and sleeps when there is no need.

And through its 5.0 Bluetooth, there is no need to worry about connectivity issues. You can operate everything on the tip of your finger by merely connecting the printer to your mobile phone.

  • Compact, small body design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Cannot print oversized stocks
  • Limited to 2×3 inch prints only.



4. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 All-in-One Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 All-in-One Wireless PrinterNo matter what your profession is. Something that gives your work a boost is speed and efficiency.

Now as scrapbooking involves a lot of printing and copying. The amount of time you put in printing everything you require for your book could cause you a bit of hassle.

To make your work free of all trouble, I provide you the Hp Officejet Pro. The printer is best known for its fast printing qualities.

It can print up to 20 pages in a single minute, which is pretty quick. You can copy, scan and print within seconds, which would save your time.

Make your work smoother by syncing your printer with quick books and google drive using the Smart task feature.

This way you can easily manage all your important documents without a single worry. Not only is this printer saving your time, but it is also saving your money.

Yes, you read it right. The printer comes with four months of free hp ink. Now you shouldn’t worry about the expense you might be risking because of your interest in scrapbooking, as you are being awarded a lot of comforts.

Start printing right away by connecting your smartphone with the printer through the Hp Smart App.

Furthermore, with its auto WiFi healing system, you don’t have to worry about connection errors that might disturb your work a bit.

Do you want to know why this printer is one of the Best printers for scrapbooking? Because you can rely on the Hp OfficeJet Pro to do all your paperwork without a sweat.

As compared to other printers, the Hp Officejet is 14 percent smaller. Which means you won’t have to trouble yourself in making space for this machine. It can fit right anywhere you want it to.

  • Fast printing
  • Smart wireless connectivity
  • Built-in security
  • Four months free ink
  • Connection drop errors
  • Flimsy paper tray



5. Lexmark C3426dw Color Laser Printer

Lexmark C3426dw Color Laser PrinterAs we go down the list, you might be wondering that we prefer inkjet printers over laser printers as almost every printer on our list is an inkjet.

The Lexmark is a laser printer that stands out from every other inkjet printer in comparison. I prefer the Lexmark over any other printer because of the array of features it has.

Its compact body size makes sure that the printer can fit almost anywhere and saves you a lot of space in your room. Moreover, it is a user-friendly printer.

You can easily set up this printer right away by plugging it in and print on the spot. You can also print directly through your mobile phones as Lexmark supports WiFi connectivity.

What makes its handling even better is its 2.8 color touchscreen, through which you can efficiently operate and surf through the options.

Now, as a scrapbook artist, the quality of your photographs matters a lot. You want your collection to have the highest quality images and the ones that last for an extended time.

Hence, you can preserve them for the future. The laser print technology of Lexmark makes sure that documents and photos of your print are up to the mark. They last long and have a high detail factor.

The amount of quality this printer provides is mind-blowing. When it comes to speed, this printer is second to none. So, Read Also Best Printers For Realtors

With its 1GHZ dual-core processor, the printer has a printing speed of 26 ppm, which is extraordinary, to be fair. Further, you can print as much as you want.

With its extra high-yielding unison toner, you can print up to 4,500 pages before needing a replacement. Print nonstop without ever worrying, as Lexmark is the most reliable partner you will get.

  • Smart and Compact body size
  • Fast printing
  • Easy to use
  • Paper jam issues.
  • Connectivity errors.



6. Brother Compact Laser Multi-function Printer

Brother Compact Laser Multi-function PrinterWhether it’s your room or your small workshop, the printer fits perfectly where you want.

Its compact body design is ideal for small spaces and offices and can adjust easily. Now the creation of this printer isn’t the only thing that would amaze you.

This All-in-one printer can do anything for you. Print all your precious memories in seconds, as the Brother Compact printer can print up to 36 pages in a single minute.

Meaning you can print whatever you need for your scrapbook in less than a minute, and then you can just focus on your scrapbook design.

If you are someone who wants a cost-free experience, then you are buying the right product. You can also save not only your money but the amount of ink used.

You can print on two sides of a paper that holds an extra paper from your work through its double duplex printing. Not only that but through Toner save mode, you can also save toner costs.

Don’t worry about the quality of photographs you print for your scrapbook because the brother toner provides consistent yet high-quality print results.

Moreover, the company offers you two years of lasting Toner that comes with the printer. You can print up to 7,500 pages, which is a considerable number. You can print 10x the more pages you usually print with your standard printer.

You can print your valued photographs through your mobile phone as the Brother printer provides a smooth WiFi connectivity feature.

Plus, through the 2.7-inch color touchscreen, you can directly operate the printer and all of its features.

Our list of Best printer for scrapbooking this product offers all the necessary help you need in making your scrapbook a work of art.

  • High-speed printing
  • Duplex printing
  • Exception web service support
  • Power issues
  • The printer might restart without warning.



7. HP Neverstop All-in-One Laser Printer

HP Neverstop All-in-One Laser PrinterThe Hp Neverstop printer is worth your investment. When you look for a printer, you make sure that the expense of monthly ink and Toner fits in your budget.

The Hp Neverstop printer is a tank that is full of savings. Amongst all the laser printers, this machine takes the lowest cost of printing per page.

The printer costs you less than a cent for every print you make, which is undoubtedly saving you a lot of money.

Another exciting advantage this printer gives you is that this machine comes with 5000 pages of Toner, which is usually seven times more than what a laser printer offers.

Not only does it reduce your monthly expense, but it also saves a lot of your precious time. With its smart connectivity, you can operate and print whatever you need through your mobile phone.

The printer has a well-known Hp Smart app, which is very reliable and makes your WiFi connectivity smoother.

Moreover, you can also print your favorite photographs while you are offline through your mobile phone directly.

In our Best Printer For Scrapbooking list, the Hp Neverstop is one of the most reliable printers. When the Toner runs out, you can quickly reload the printer with more Toner at a low price and print up to 2,500 more pages.

The Toner reload kit is cheap, and it also gives more than 2.5x of the pages than any other toner cartridge.

This printer is undoubtedly worth your fortune. With its fast and reliable management, you can sit back and focus on making your scrapbook something unique while your printer does the rest.

The printer comes with a one-year warranty, and you can always get web support 24/7 if you face any trouble operating the printer.

  • Low cost per page
  • Print while being offline
  • Fast quality prints
  • Better for home use only
  • No ethernet printing options



8. HP Laserjet Pro Color Multifunction Laser Printer

HP Laserjet Pro Color Multifunction Laser PrinterThe name of this printer speaks for itself. The Hp LaserJet is an all-in-one printer that You can use for any necessary need of yours. This printer is a complete package.

No matter what kind of printouts you need for your scrapbook, the Hp laserjet will provide you with everything you need.

This smart and compact-sized printer would fit perfectly on your table. Relative to its size, the printer is quite powerful.  This printer won’t ever slow you down by any means.

Get fast printouts as it prints up to 22 pages per minute. If the page is black, then a single paper would consume 10.3 seconds. However, if it is colored, then the printer would finish in 11.7 seconds.

Furthermore, the printer can hold up to 250 sheets at a time; hence you can forget about feeding pages to your printer for a while.

With its 2.7-inch color screen, you can easily manage all the necessary options that the printer provides.

Furthermore, its WiFi connectivity is a huge help as you can simply handle all your prints through your mobile phone.

The printer is known for its versatility. A Lot of the features that this printer includes making your work efficient. Such as the dual duplex mode allows you to print on both sides of a paper.

Now the question is, why does this printer come as a complete package? The printer can do all of your work. It can copy, scan, print and fax. So whatever you need is right here.

The amount of features that the printer has exceeds any expectations. If you carry all of this data on a USB drive, then there is not a single worry. The printer enables direct USB printing, so connect the USB to the printer and print directly.

  • 50 sheet ADF
  • Supports USB.
  • High-speed color printing
  • No advanced security features
  • Unstable network connections


The Substantial components – Buying Guide

Size of Print:

Not every printer is suitable for card stock printing. One of the main reasons for this disparity is the input size. Now an ideal size for any card stock print is 12 x 12.

Make sure the printer you buy a printer that can print up to 12 inches of paper. Now a lot of different printers have different input sizes.

You can use some printers for extended prints, which can be up to 13 x 19. On the other hand, some printers won’t even support 12-inch print.

So if you purchase a printer with a lesser input size than what you require, then the printer would be of no use, so make sure the first thing you check is the compatibility of input size.


If you don’t have a regular printer and your printing work is only limited to scrapbook photographs, you should look for a printer with few ink cartridges.

Entry-level printers are perfectly ideal for your work. They usually consist of two ink cartridges that are enough for printing a good quality photograph for the scrapbook.

If you choose a printer with several cartridges and your print work is substantially low, then your purchase has a lot of disadvantages.

Firstly, printers that include a lot of different color cartridges are expensive. Secondly, those printers are for users that have daily printing work.

If you are a regular worker, you should undoubtedly purchase a printer with more cartridges, but if you have little work, there is no need to buy a multi-cartridge printer.

Quality of Print:

One of the essential factors that you should be keeping in mind when you purchase a printer is its print quality.

This is because you are printing photographs and material that consists of your memories and moments.

You surely want high-quality and detailed prints that you can preserve in your scrapbook. You surely don’t want blurry images that would degrade your creative design.

When you look for a printer, you should make sure that it has a high Dpi. Now Dpi is related to the resolution of the printouts that you would print.

You want a high-resolution printer, so your print quality is highly remarkable, which makes your scrapbook extraordinary. So make sure you buy a printer that a high Dpi Value.


Printing for scrapbooks is usually done on cardstock. The cardstock is thicker than regular paper. And not all printers can print on a cardstock surface.

Printers that are compatible with cardstock printing are ideal for you. On the other hand, if you want to print on standard paper for regular printing, then an inkjet printer is perfect.

If you are an occasional worker whose only main work is cardstock prints, then an Inkjet printer is highly preferred for your work.

Overall, this article should give you all the details summarized in the best possible way.

You now have all the necessary knowledge before you step into the broad market of scrapbooking options. Make sure to spend your money as wisely as possible!

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