How to Install Ricoh SP 211 Printer?

Ricoh SP 211

It has a maximum resolution of 800dpi. The resolution on this model is a step down from the maximum resolution of the SP 5500 series, but that’s not much of a difference see also install Canon printer.

The best thing about the SP 211 is the 1-sided color printing. Another important thing to note is that the SP 211 has a replaceable ink cartridge.

The printing speed is a bit slow. It’s about 20 pages per minute. The ink cartridge is replaceable and the ink in it comes in different colors. The black ink cartridge can hold 350ml.

How to Install Ricoh SP 211 Printer?

Setup and Use

Using the Ricoh SP 211 printer is really simple. The first thing to do is to install the drivers on your device. The drivers can be installed from Ricoh’s website.

You just need to plug the printer to your computer and then run the Ricoh Connect App on your phone or tablet. It’s really simple to use the SP 211. Just print whatever you want and it’ll be printed.

The connectivity options are really good and easy to setup and use. You don’t need to install any other drivers except for the Android or iOS Ricoh Connect App. You can also do dual-side or multiple-sided printing.

Once the printer is connected, you can print from the mobile device via Bluetooth 4.1. The Ricoh SP 211 uses SD card. The SD card is connected to the printer via USB and you can use it to backup files or print pictures.


Software and Complications

Ricoh Connect is the software that controls the printer. The printer can be controlled using a PC, Mac, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, Chromebook, Linux, Android devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices.

Ricoh Connect has options that let you adjust the settings of the printer and also the ease of use. There’s an option to share the printer to your computer or vice versa.

You can also get the latest firmware updates for Ricoh printers. There are some troubleshooting and troubleshooting solutions in Ricoh Connect as well.



The printer works reliably. We tested it using the full range of paper sizes that it’s compatible with and it came out with excellent results. The print quality is okay, it does a great job, but don’t expect a very large print from this.

The Ricoh SP 211 has a lot of accessories to make printing as easy as possible. You get a flatbed scanner, an SD card reader, and USB connectivity. The cartridge for the SP 211 costs about Rs 3,460.


  • It has a decent color print quality
  • The paper tray can hold 350ml of ink
  • You can get the Ricoh Connect App for your smartphone or tablet
  • You’ll need to spend a bit more money to get the cartridge
  • There are issues with connectivity and software


Methods to Install Ricoh SP 211 Printer

There are various methods and procedures for the installation of Ricoh SP 211 Printer. We are going to discuss the most favorite and popular one.


Method 1:

The following steps will help you to install the Ricoh SP 211 printer on your computer.

Step-1: Connect Ricoh SP 211 Printer

Plug the Ricoh SP 211 printer into your computer. If the printer has internal connections (including USB), the printer may be located on the right side of the computer.

Step-2: Turn on Ricoh SP 211 Printer

To turn on the Ricoh SP 211 printer, press the button located on the top left of the printer.

Step-3: Pressing “Print” Button on Ricoh SP 211 Printer

To start printing, press the “Print” button on the printer.

Step-4: Start a Print Job

To start a print job, the printer will automatically recognize your connected Wi-Fi and available printer.

Step-5: Select Your Account

When you have connected to your network, press the “File” icon located at the upper-right corner of the Ricoh SP 211 Printer. Click the “Select My Account” link.

Step-6: Add Password

At the next step, you must add the password for your account. Enter the password you’ve created in the “Display Password” field.

Step-7: Done!

Press the “Done!” button to finish the installation.

Step-8: Return to Menu

To return to the Ricoh SP 211 Printer main menu, press the “Return to Main Menu” button.



Method 2:

Step 1: You need to download the latest Ricoh Connect App from your Google Play store or Apple store.

Step 2: Go to Ricoh website and download the Ricoh Connect App from the Google Play store or Apple store.

Step 3: Open the app and click the icon on the right side of the page that reads, ‘I want to install’ or tap on the download link.

Step 4: Enter your Ricoh PIN and click on ‘Okay’ to continue.

Step 5: You will get an email notification from Ricoh asking you to confirm the app installation. Click on the ‘Confirm’ option.

Step 6: Follow the onscreen instructions until the app automatically launches on your mobile device.

Step 7: Turn on your printer and it should detect the device and run the SP 211 Connect App.

Step 8: Login with the PIN you received and you’re all set to print.


Method 3:

Download the sample files: Ricoh SP 211 Printer Downloader and file for adding a printer in windows.

Tip: Click one of the file downloads in the second column. Then right click the download and select “Save Link As…”

Click the “Save Link As…” button on the files page. You will see several options to save the files to different locations.

Step-1: Change File Structure

Change the file structure of the downloaded sample files. The files will be saved to a subfolder. Click the “Change File Structure” button at the bottom of the window.

Step-2: Save Subfolder

To save these files, click the “Save Subfolder” button in the bottom right corner of the window. The files will now be saved to a subfolder called “Printer” on the My Computer (Home) folder.

Step-3: Move to Desktop

Click the “Browse” button in the bottom left corner of the window. Now click “Edit” at the top of the file picker. Click “Move to Desktop” at the bottom. Click the “OK” button.

Step-4: Paste Files

  • Now, right click on the “Printer” folder and select “paste”. You will see the printer pop up in your desktop.
  • Next, double click the SP 211 Printer Downloader (after it is completed) in order to begin the download of the Printer. Once the file has completed downloading, it will open up in Notepad. Click “Exe” to open up the Printer in Notepad.
  • Click the “OK” button on the “Print” pop-up window.
  • After the Printer starts printing, wait for a few seconds before clicking “Stop” to confirm that the Printer has printed the file.


Step-5: Stop Printer

  • Click the “Stop” button in the bottom right corner of the “Printer” window.
  • Once the Printer is stopped, close the Printer down with the “Reset Startup” button in the bottom right corner of the window.


Step-6: Generate Signature

  • Open Notepad and right click on the “SP 211 Printer Downloader.exe” file. Select “Open in Notepad Editor”.
  • Now, save the file to the same folder where you saved the Ricoh SP 211 Printer Downloader (in the “Printer” folder). The file should now be called “SSET 212 Printer.exe”.


Step-7: Generate Email & Save it

  • Open Notepad and click “Control” (left click) to open up the file picker.
  • Enter “JE1t20” and “Cha1t5” at the end of the “sender_email” text field. Click “OK”. Click “OK” on the “sender_email” text field.
  • Click “OK” on the “sender_email” text field.
  • Click “OK” on the “redirect_to” text field.
  • Click “OK” on the “sign_in_to_website” text field.
  • Click “OK” on the “confirm_email” text field.


Step-8: Upload to Server

  • Click “Start” in the top right corner of the MyPRINTSwindow.
  • Copy the upload path to your local hard drive (not the “Server” folder).


Step-9: Get Your Signed Printer

  • Open the “Printer” folder and locate the “SSET 212 Printer.exe” file.
  • Copy it to the “Printer” folder on your hard drive.
  • Next, open up the “Printer” folder and locate the “SSET 212 Printer.exe” file.
  • Run the “SSET 212 Printer.exe” file and click the “Save Printer” button on the Printer Downloader window.
  • You can see in the “Printer” folder the “SSET 212 Printer.exe” file has been installed on your PC.


Step-10: Now, Activate the Printer

  • Open the Printer folder and locate the “SSET 212 Printer.exe” file.
  • Run the “SSET 212 Printer.exe” file and click the “Connect” button on the Printer Downloader window.
  • Now, open up your web browser and type in http://printer_id [domain name] – where the URL is the same as you used when downloading the “SSET 212 Printer.exe” file from your PC.
  • You can also open the Printer Downloader window from your browser by clicking on “Printer”.
  • You can also click the Printer Downloader window to access the printer’s Icons menu.


Step-11: You’re Done!

The Printer Downloader has successfully installed the Ricoh SP 211 Printer onto your PC.

The Ricoh SP 211 is an entry level printer. It’s only suitable for average consumers who are looking to have basic color printing. The ink costs are pretty expensive and there are some issues with the connectivity and software.

The Ricoh SP 211 printer is a great printer, if your only requirement is to have a basic printer to make sure your kids don’t tear up the papers that you’ve handed to them, check also best printers for realtors.

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