How To Print Multiple Envelopes In Word?

Letters and envelopes are a primary source of communication in large-scale industries and businesses. No matter which trades you belong to, letters and envelopes are considered to be one of the effective and formal ways of communication and source of message transmission.

Handwritten letters and envelopes are behind the times and look obsolete. In today’s world, all formal letters and messages are conveyed through a typed script using MS Word software program.

As soon as you type the letter in MS Word, you send a print command to get a hard copy of it, and to send that letter; you need an envelope.

The latest versions of MS Word software now allow you to print an envelope along with your letter. You can also type the addresses and other necessary details so that you don’t have to put it by hand. In addition, printed envelopes add value and is a sign of professionalism.

The envelope feature in the MS Word program not only saves your return address for future use but also gets the mailing address from the letter automatically. so, Best Printer for Waterslide Decal.

Similarly, getting a print of an envelope is as easy as printing any other page; however, it requires some additional changes as you need to place the envelope in the right position. On the other hand, printing multiple envelopes require more of attention.

If you need to print multiple copies of an envelope, this article will help you in fulfilling this task easily and effectively. Apart from this, let’s also look at how we can create an envelope in MS Word.

How To Print Multiple Envelopes In Word?

Adding an Envelope

We are assuming that you are using the 2013 or later versions of the MS Word program. For older versions of the program, the steps would be slightly different.

Firstly, open the Word file where you have written your letter, or you can also create a new file for an envelope. Once the MS Word is open, you will see different tabs on top of the page. From there, you need to move to the Mailings tab.

A group of options and features will appear just below the Mailing tab. Options will be distributed in different segments and sections. From there, in Create section, you will see an Envelopes option. Click on it to create an envelope.

A screen will appear showing you Envelope options and Printing options. Delivery address and return address box will also be there in which you need to type in the respective addresses.

Set appropriate size and other settings of an envelope, preview it and if it looks good, then click on the “Add to Document” button. It will create an envelope in an existing word file document.

Printing an Envelope

Now, as you have created an envelope, you need to get a print of it. As mentioned earlier, printing an envelope is not difficult, but it requires a bit of technicality, as here you need to set the feed method.

There is no need to worry if you don’t know about it; just go through the steps below and get your multiple envelopes print in a go.

As you create an envelope, a screen appears, showing you two different tabs. One for the envelope options and the other one for the printing options. Click on the printing option tab to explore printing features and settings.

On above of the screen, it will show you a connected printer, and just below it, it will show you a feed box. A feed box or feed method shows you the diagrams according to which you will place your envelope in a printer.

Make sure that you understand and select the appropriate illustration as it will print the envelope accordingly. Once you are done with the settings, give the Print command to print the envelope and the document.

Printing Multiple Envelopes

By now, you have gone through the envelope option and printing option and have set the appropriate settings. If you give the command to print, it will print a single copy of an envelope as of now, but we need to print multiple envelopes.

In this case, there are two options; the first one is that the delivery and return addresses are the same for all copies and the other option is that addresses are different for each copy of an envelope. Different techniques and procedures will be used for both cases.

Same Addresses

Let’s assume that the addresses are the same for each copy of the envelope we are printing. If this is the case, it is very easy to print multiple copies.

After you have created your envelope, send a print command as you normally do; as soon as you give the command, a screen will appear showing you different settings and parameters such as page orientations, borders, size, and styles. so, Best Printer For Notary Signing Agents is worth read.

From there, you will see an option for the number of copies you need to print. Here you can state the number of how many copies of an envelope you want.

Different Addresses

In a case where each envelope has different delivery or return addresses, the above technique will not work. What you have to do in this case is to create the first envelope, enter addresses and other details, and click on Add to Document button to finalize it.

Now create a second envelope by inserting a page break from an Insert tab. Type in the addresses and other required details and repeat the process for as many envelopes as you need to print.

In this way, you can print the envelopes with different delivery and return addresses. As you give the print command, along with other settings, click on Print all pages, and it will allow you to print all the envelopes you have created in one go.

No matter you want to print a single envelope or multiples copies of it, the trick is that you know how to put the envelope in your printer’s as per the feed method. Other than that, printing multiple envelopes in the Word is as easy as it can be.

All you need is to know how to proceed with steps, and by going through this article, you have got all the required information. Now is the time to practice and print your envelopes without getting an issue or a problem.

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