How To Remove Printer Ink From Clothes?

Regardless of you are at home or the office, having a printer at your access has become a necessity.

No matter you are a student, a banker, or a professional in any other field, a printer is a thing which is needed by persons from every walk of life.

Having a printer is not an issue but getting an ink stain and removing it requires you to put in some effort. When you are working with printers, you can easily get ink on your clothes or at a table, especially when changing the ink or doing the maintenance of a printer.

If you have come across much the same as the above issue, you have come to the right place as here we are going to discuss the most effective ways to remove the printer’s ink stain from the clothes.

Even if you have not faced this problem before, you should give it a read as you may encounter it any time later.

How To Remove Printer Ink From Clothes?

As you know, printers ink and regular ink used in writing pens are different in features and qualities.

Printers ink is more concentrated and therefore requires special treatment and procedure to remove the strain. By going through the article, you will know precisely how to remove the printer ink from clothes. so, the Best Dual Tray Laser Printer is a worth read.

There can be two situations. The first one is that you act immediately as soon as the ink is splash over the cloth and the second situation involves removing the set-in ink.

It is always better to act instantly as it becomes easier to remove the ink stain. Nevertheless, the ways to remove the ink stain are discussed below.

How To Remove Printer Ink From Clothes?

Removing Fresh Ink

Removing fresh ink stains from clothes is relatively more straightforward as compared to set-in ink. The first thing is that you act calmly and do not get frustrated as if you do, you can make the stain bigger.

It is encouraged that you wear gloves while removing the stain to keep your hands safe.

As the ink stain is fresh, you should absorb the ink as much as possible. It can be done by using a paper towel or a piece of cloth.

A cotton ball can also be used for dabbing; in addition, you can apply acetone solvent with a cotton ball for better results.

Firstly, place a white piece of cloth or paper towel under the stain so that it does not spread all over. Then use a second piece and dab the area where the ink stain is. Do not rub the area as rubbing can affect the absorption of ink.

Turn over the affected cloth and continue dabbing until all the ink is absorbed. Now wash the affected area with water, and the stain will be washed out. You may use cleaning detergent if needed.

Removing Set-In Ink

There are different ways that can be used to remove the set-in ink from the clothes.

  • Using Alcohol: To remove ink stains, using alcohol is considered as one of the most effective ways. As the printer’s ink is more intense, it is preferred to use the particular type of alcohol, which is made explicitly for removing different kinds of stains. It is also referred to as rubbing alcohol.

The same procedure will be applied here as you use in freshly spilled ink. The only difference is that you will use rubbing alcohol for dabbing. Dabbing will remove the strain; however, if it is not removed with several tries, you can use washing detergent or bleach to wash the affected part of the cloth.  Check Also, Best Printers For Realtors

Do not apply any chemicals, especially on the colored fabric; it is better to first test the material before using it on the cloth.

  • Hair Spray: Alcohol-based hair spray or hand sanitizer can also be used for cleaning if you don’t find any rubbing alcohol. The same procedure will be applied here as used in the above methods.
  • Laundry Detergent: The other effective method includes using the laundry detergent for cleaning the ink spot. All you need here is to apply a small portion of detergent on the affected area and then cleanse it with a toothbrush. The stain will start fading after a few minutes. You may use bleach if the stain is not vanishing all away. After that, wash the cloth and let it dry in the open air.
  • Glycerin and Dish Detergent: Glycerin is considered an effective agent for removing stains. To use, mix a dip of detergent and glycerin in a bowl. Mix it together and take a white piece of cloth, and apply the mixture to the affected area. Fully cover the area, leave it for few minutes, and then wash the fabric with regular soap and water. It will remove the stain altogether.
  • Vinegar: Add white vinegar in water and then dip the cloth in it entirely. Leave it for some time; in the meantime, scrub the affected area with a sponge. After an hour or so, take out the garment and wash it with water; the stain will be removed.
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is considered as safe for all types of clothing. Make adhesive using water, and then use it on ink spot. Let it remain there for a few minutes and after that scrub the area with a paper towel. You may need to perform the procedure again until the stain is wiped out.
The key to cleaning ink stain from a cloth is acting quickly as much as possible. The more time you take, the more ink will be absorbed in the cloth, making it difficult to remove.

There are other methods as well for removing ink spots, such as using nail polish remover or milk. However, the above mentioned are regarded as to be the most effective solutions.

The important thing we usually forgot is checking the instruction for clothes washing. Each cloth is different from others, and many of the clothes does not permit bleaching.

Therefore, before applying any procedure, it is recommended that you have read the instruction tag on the cloth.

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